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The Real Value of Handmade Jewellery

Most people don't understand the real value of handmade jewelry. I am not only talking about financial value because it is so much more than just that. There are multiple reasons why handmade jewelry is so special.

1. You are supporting a person. It is one thing when you buy your ring from a store managed by a big corporation and totally another when you get it from a handcrafter. You are supporting a dream, you are making a difference in at least one person's life.

2. Exclusive. Owning handmade jewelry means that you have a limited edition and even two earrings of the same pair differ most of the time. If you have a favorite artist who makes handmade jewelry for you, think that one day after he retires it might be impossible to get another.

3.Meaningful. There is a story behind each piece of handmade jewelry. If it is Armenian jewelry, it most probably carries a message from ancient Armenian traditions, history, art, and culture. It might not be visible to you, but every line, every curve is put there on purpose.

4. Handmade=Sustainable. If you choose to buy mass-production jewelry, it is totally your decision and I am not the one to judge. Just bear in mind that smaller-scale production is ethical and often of higher quality. I speak here for silver jewelry mostly. You will need to choose your seller carefully because there are handcrafters who order the material for their creations in bulk and I don't think that sustainability is taken into consideration in those cases.

5. Value of time. The creation of one handmade item sometimes can take up to one week or more. Just think how much time of their lives artists dedicate to create that one piece.

Think about the above next time you are going to buy your handmade jewelry. Do you realize how special it is?


Stay safe and beautiful


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