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How to choose a ring when you don't know the exact size

You want to buy a ring as a present but you are not sure which size to buy. It is supposed to be a surprise, so you don't really want to go to that person and say: "'Hey, I wanna buy you a ring. Can you tell me your size?''.

Surely, you can go ahead and purchase an approximate size with an exchange card. The gift receiver will need to visit the store, ask for a different size or make the ring altered. What if you want to purchase a handmade ring? Moreover, what if you want it to be customized? You must have an exact dimensions. Right? Not necessarily :)

Here is my story. My fingers swell during winter and they are back to normal size during summer. I received a present- a ring which I was wearing on the middle finger. In summer it became really loose so I started wearing it on my thumb. I call it my ''seasonal ring" since it keeps moving from one finger to another as the weather changes.

When we opened IDenteco, we had many rings of a specific size. People loved the design but wouldn't buy it for a gift because they were not sure whether it fit or not. Keeping in mind that the jewelry is made in Armenia, the quantity is limited, getting the size altered or ordering another ring takes time. Besides, the customer would have to wait until it is delivered. We have found a solution called Adjustable Rings!

They fit anyone, can be adjusted to any size. I highly recommend to order this type if you don't know the exact size of a gift receiver.

On IDenteco online store you will find adjustable handmade silver rings which will become a perfect, one of a kind gift. No more worries about getting a wrong fit.

All our products are LIMITED , we want you to stay out of a crowd. In order to purchase one of IDenteco adjustable rings, please visit our online store's RINGS section and get the authentic handmade piece of Armenia today.



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