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Our Story

It all started with one silver ring from Armenia, my mother's present. It attracted a lot of attention in Cyprus, everyone noticed how different it was from what we usually see on the market here. That's when I thought to share more of Armenian style jewellery with people in Cyprus and generally in the world. Besides, it became one of the ways for me to feel closer to my motherland.

The word IDenteco is translated as "Identity" from Esperanto. I chose this name since the jewellery of our store is designed to highlight YOUR  individuality, YOUR style, YOUR identity. For now, it is only an online store with worldwide delivery.

10% of ALL our profits are donated to help families in Artsakh.


IDenteco was created with one mission: to provide you with high-quality trendy handmade jewellery and accessories that make you stand out from the crowd and introduce you to Armenia.

Through the creations of Armenian jewellers-designers, you will get familiar with Armenian art, history, and culture.


 IDenteco jewellery and accessories stand out because they are:

  • Colourful

  • Creatively designed

  • In limited quantity

  • Handcrafted (=unique)

  • Can be customized according to your taste

Most of the items in our store are designed in ethnic or vintage style.

All items are handcrafted by Armenian designers-jewellers, who use sterling silver, semiprecious synthetic, and natural gemstones as well as other materials for creating high-quality unique pieces of jewellery.

 You can pre-order items displayed in our store. It is advisable due to the limited quantity.​

Follow us on our Instagram or Facebook account for daily updates.

I truly hope that you enjoy shopping with IDenteco. Please, contact me if you have any questions.



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