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5 jewelry tips you need to know

Updated: May 26

While we are all stuck at home, let's learn some tips to combine jewelry with clothes. When everything is back to normal, you can hit that dance floor or visit a friend's birthday party without spending hours to match your jewelry with your outfit.

Tip No 1: Decide what's the focus: jewelry or clothing?

Jewelry can transform even the most simple outfit into something special. You can choose statement earrings, a sophisticated ring which will make you look fabulous. However, if you went for a colorful outfit or bold clothing, stick to modest jewelry. It will balance your overall look.

Tip No 2: Don't be a slave to fashion

Following the trends is fine but never let fashion dictate your own style. You don't want to lose your personality. When choosing jewelry to wear, think not only about matching it with your outfit but also whether it reflects your mood, your character. Does it make you feel comfortable and confident?

Tip No 3: Geometric jewelry for a modern look

If you want to look trendy and stylish, accessorize with geometric jewelry. For example, a square-shaped ring will be a great addition to your chic and fashionable look. Long necklaces with geometrical shapes is another piece of jewelry that looks perfect when combined properly.

Tip No 4: mixing warm jewelry with cool colors

Let's understand which are the warm and cold colors first. All tones of red, orange, yellow are considered to be warm colors, while green, blue, violet - cold. For example, your turquoise earrings will look great with a yellow outfit. Deep green gemstones will make a perfect match with an orange dress.

Tip No 5: Keep it simple, when in doubt

Trust your gut feeling. If you are not sure which jewelry item to wear with a particular outfit, stay simple. Choose something neutral or something that worked in the past. Try not to wear too many accessories close to your face. For example, if you wear a necklace, skip the earrings. Don't experiment with statement jewelry, it can be risky.

I hope the above was useful to you. Stay home, stay beautiful!


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