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3 methods to identify fake jewelry

Let's look at some easy methods which will help you to identify fake jewelry item. You can try them at home.

1. Hallmark. Most of jewelry items have numbers marked on them. They show how much % of pure metal that jewelry contains. For example, 925 on your silver ring means that this ring has 92.5 % silver. If you look for quality golden jewelry, search for a hallmark that shows at least 750 (75 % gold). Make sure the numbers are clear, otherwise avoid buying that jewelry.

It is important to mention that in some countries marking is not required, handmade jewelry also might not have hallmarks, but it doesn't mean that jewelry is fake.

2. Use magnet. One of the most popular methods to check silver jewelry is a magnet. However, don't take a magnet from your fridge, you will need something stronger. Find a good magnet, then approach an item you want to check. High-quality silver jewelry shouldn't react to the magnetic force.

3.Color change. I have mentioned previously in a blog post and on our social media that there are cases when silver jewelry can leave green/black marks on the skin. This is how some people react to copper. As mentioned above, 925 high-quality jewelry means that only 92.5 % is silver because silver is very soft and you have to mix it with other metals (copper is one of them) to create jewelry. Usually, after washing and/or applying some protective layer so the skin won't touch the metal directly, the problem is solved. If you expose your silver ring to heat and it turns into a copper-like color with a tinge of green or orange it is probably fake. Try to clean it off, if the mark remains permanently, it is definitely fake. Original silver can turn black but it can be easily polished off.

I hope these tips will be useful next time you decide to go for your jewelry shopping.

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