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Which of these 3 mistakes do you make while buying jewelry?

Here are some wrong assumptions people make and end up buying overrated expensive jewelry.

1. A shop has 70% sale, I better hurry"

Remember that during any sale, shops still must make profits. If there is 70% off, think how expensive they were selling initially. Maybe it is better to choose shops with a modest 20-40 % discount offers. Surely, there are other factors to consider such as quality, materials, whether jewelry is handmade or not, etc.

2."Synthetic stones are worse than natural ones." Synthetic stones are made from a natural base. You can read our previous blog post about synthetic stones here. Jewelers prefer working with synthetic stones because they are perfectly shaped without any cracks. Natural gemstones with their weird shapes and imperfections are valued more. If you are not a collector and there is no need for you to "hunt" rare natural gemstones, think again before paying so much more.

3."Physical jewelry stores don't sell "fakes".

Oh, they do! Especially when it comes to zirconia or quartz, and you can be told that your ring contains super expensive gemstones. It is very hard to understand the difference just by looking at it.

Keep these tips in mind next time you are tempted to spend a lot of money on jewelry, particularly if the jewelry is not handmade.

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