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Natural vs Synthetic

Hello :)

Today we want to share with you some facts and info to help you understand the difference between natural and synthetic gemstones.

Many people don't realize that majority of the natural gemstones are treated in the lab after they are mined. If you think about Tanzanite, for example, you will have an image of stunning purple-blue gemstone, but the truth is that this amazingly beautiful color is a result of a heat treatment in the lab.

Tanzanite: before and after the treatment

Most of the jewellery, which has affordable prices (including jewellery from IDenteco) contain synthetic stones or simulated stones.

Synthetic stones are lab produced stones, which share same chemical, optical, and physical characteristics of its natural mineral counterpart, but in some cases a few additional compounds can be present. Synthetic stones are identical to natural stones and maybe even better. Why? They are flawless while natural stones can be damaged easily during their mining.

Simulated stones are also produced in labs, but they don't share same characteristics with the natural stones. These stones might not feel as natural ones but they are visually more beautiful and most affordable ones.

Natural stones are rare, very expensive, obtaining them doesn't do any good to the Earth and often involves slavery and dangerous working conditions.

Now when you know more about various types of gemstones, the choice is yours!

You can find out more about natural and synthetic gemstones in the links below.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your Weekend!


IDenteco team

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