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"We Rock" Pebble Art in Cyprus

For those of you who don't know, I have created a group on FB called "Handmade creations in Cyprus" with a purpose to bring together artists, crafters, creative people and simply handmade fans in Cyprus. From time to time, I write a blog post on IDenteco introducing you to a member of our group, so you know what talented people we have in Cyprus.

Today's short interview is with Elena Lysandrou, the owner of We_rock Pebble Art

Elena, tell us what do you create and why are your creations so special?

I create customized art pieces with pebbles.

They represent work of art that not only add a classy touch but makes your ideas come alive (review based fact). Just give me your idea and I’ll put it to action. Moreover, they are affordable too :) These are just a few reasons why my creations are special not only to me but to my customers as well.

How long have you been in this business?

It all started as a joke in October 2019. I’m humbled to have been blessed with crafty hands from childhood so in my crafty mind the idea came to work on the first set of stones and they came out amazing (from the feedbacks I got at least).

I happen to work with children so I wanted to create something fun for them.. so I started painting animals on stones and they loved them... Suggestions came from family and friends to make it a business and with their love and support, recognition gradually started to set in few months down the road and random orders keep popping in.

What do you consider the most difficult part in the creation process ?

I’d say that the pressure of if actually a client would be satisfied is by far my biggest worry so I believe that stresses me out compared to every other aspect of creating a piece and gathering the pebbles . You know what they say about when you love what you do; the rest of the job is basically leisure and fun for me.

Where do you sell your products?

At the moment my products are sold mostly on instagram @we_rock03 but some of my work is  in Second chance

What advice or inspiration would you give to other handcrafters?

To the handcrafters home and abroad: keep doing what you are doing! You just might be adding value to the next person’s life because that’s what we do “add value” :)

P.S. I personally bought a few pebble art works from Elena, which were customized according to my preferences. I gave them all as Christmas presents and people loved them.

For purchases of We Rock Pebble Art creations please visit Instagram page below.

If you want to be featured in our blog please join the group below


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