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How to Measure Ring Size

You really liked a ring you saw on the Internet store, you are ready to buy it. All that left is to choose the size, pay and it is yours. don't know your size. 🤔 How can you measure your ring's size? Read this article until the end to get at least 3 solutions to the problem.

3 Ways of Determining Your Ring Size

To help you find your ring size, I put together these 3 ways, 2 out of which you can do at home.

  1. Printable ring size chart

This method is based on the inside diameter measurement of a ring. But in my experience, it is not always accurate. I would recommend double-checking the results with another method.

You need to:

  • print the chart below (make sure you select "scale 100" in your printing options);

  • place the ring over the circles, aligning the inside edges of the ring with the circle on the ring size chart;

The one that matches the best, should be the closest to your ring size. If you are between two sizes, better go for a larger option.

Ring size chart (source: theknot)

2. Using a pencil, paper and a ruler

I found this method more accurate. All you need is to:

  • Take an existing ring and place it on a piece of paper

  • Circle it inside with a pen or a pencil

  • Measure the diameter of the circle

You can refer to the chart above to find your size. The sizes in our store refer to inside diameter in mm.

3. Go to a jewellery store

Grab your favourite ring and ask a jeweller to measure its size. Always ask the inside diameter since different countries use different measuring systems. This method should be the most accurate.

Extra tips to keep in mind while measuring ring size

  • Keep the weather in mind. During summer and winter, your fingers tend to swell.

  • Warm-up your hands. Experts suggest to warm up the hands to room temperature before measurement takes place. It results in more accurate ring sizing.

  • Go big. If you are trying to decide between two sizes, go for a larger one. Most of the ring models can be made smaller and believe me, you don't want an extremely tight ring.

Here is one more method you might want to use. It is widely known and many claim that it is pretty accurate if done correctly.

If you are still not sure, choose rings with adjustable sizes or go for a beautiful pendant :) While shopping with us, you can always return the ring if the size didn't fit.

Now, when you know more about ring sizes, check out our rings section and choose your unique piece of Armenia.



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