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Armenian jewelry and Christianity

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In today's post we would like to share with you some information and facts about the role of Christianity in Armenia and its influence on Armenian jewellery.

If you did any research on Armenian jewelry, you had probably noticed items like Armenian cross, rings and pendants with engraved religious message, prayers, etc. A few similar items are available in IDenteco online store, but we will talk about them a bit later.

Armenia is the first country in the world to adopt Christianity as its state religion (301 AD).

When King Tiridates III ruled over Armenia, his assistant was the Christian Grigor (Gregory) Lusavorich who preached the Christian religion. However, Tiridates, a follower of pagan religion, was not pleased with having an advisor with a different religion, and he subjected Gregory to severe torture. When news reached the king that Gregory's father was responsible for the murder of the king's father, the king ordered that Gregory to be thrown into the Khor Virap to die in the dark dungeon located in Artashat.

However, Gregory survived after 13 years imprisonment, and Trdat believed in miracle and

adopted Christianity as a state religion of Armenia.

Today Armenia is an open-air museum of Christianity. There are thousands of Christian monuments, churches, chapels, manuscripts, etc. The symbols of Christianity (cross, icons, etc.) are reflected in armenian jewelry. Handcrafted silver or gold Armenian crosses, rings with engraved prayers and pendants symbolizing the Holy bible with Lord's prayer are quite popular in Armenia.

In IDenteco store you can find a handcrafted silver man's ring with engraved message "Keep and save" .

"Keep and save" ring for a man

Another item of our store is an Armenian cross that combines a cross with a floral elements.

Armenian cross pendant

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