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Armenian symbol of eternity

Armenian symbol of eternity or Arevakhach (Sun cross) is an ancient Armenian symbol. It represents time, recurrence, universe and the eternal motion of life.This is probably the most popular symbol in Armenia and can be found in every corner. You can spot it in our logo as well. Armenian eternity sign became a symbol of Armenian identity and dates back to the bronze Age.

Armenian eternity sign

An ancient Armenian eternity sign was found in old vessels in Armenia dating back to the Bronze Age. This symbol also remained on the walls of Ani, which is the most famous medieval capital of Armenia. The eternity sign or Arevakhach can be seen in different places and it also has many variations, which depend on the meaning it carries ( You will see it in Armenian churches, decorations, cross stones, carpets, etc.

In our store you can find the handcrafted double silver ring with Armenian "Wheel of eternity". Its winding curves represent everlasting spiritual journey of life.


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