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Introduction to Armenian jewellery

Updated: May 26

Traditional Armenian jewellery has centuries-long history. Armenian women always liked wearing a lot of jewellery to match their colourful Armenian folk costumes called “Taraz”. Most of the jewellery was handmade of silver, it is passed from generation to generation.

One of the essential items for an Armenian woman in ancient times was a silver belt. It was usually decorated by turquoise, coral, amber or other semi-precious stones. Some considered a belt to be protection from sickness and other harmful things.

silver belt located in Artsakh museum

A vast majority of Armenian jewellery contains Armenian symbols like pomegranate, eternity symbol, cross-stones, etc.

A pomegranate is a symbol of fertility in Armenian mythology. Pomegranate necklaces are especially popular in Armenia.

Armenian eternity sign dates back to AD 5th century, it is a symbol of national identity (you can see it also in our logo), which symbolizes the concept of everlasting.

Nowadays . thanks to many designers, traditional Armenian jewellery continues to stay modern and fashionable at the same time reflecting Armenian long history and culture.

Therefore, if you are looking for something that nobody already has, consider visiting our shop.

Thanks for reading.

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