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Find Out What Your Rings Say About Your Personality

Rings aren't just beautiful jewelry. They can say a lot about your relationship status and even your character. Different sources confirm that wearing a ring on a particular finger reveals certain aspects of your personality. What if you like wearing the rings on each finger? Do you have multiple personalities? :) Let's find out.

Watch the video above and let me know if there was anything that applied to you? I have three rings I never take off. One of them I am wearing on my right thumb. According to the information in the video, I must be pretty stubborn (which is true).

My second ring is a gift from my godmother and I always wear it on my middle finger. Further below you will see what it symbolizes.

Another ring that is always with me is my wedding ring. Armenians wear it on the left ring finger. We want to make sure it is closer to our heart :)

There is another theory according to which each of our fingers is connected to a specific planet. Each planet has its own influence.

  • Thumb-Mars. The ring on the thumb shows your willpower and strength.

  • Index finger- Jupiter. The ring on the index finger represents leadership, ambition, and authority.

  • Middle finger - Saturn. Wear the ring on your middle finger to restore balance in life.

  • Little finger (Mercury). It is believed that rings on your pinkies will help you to improve relationships with others.

How do you wear your rings? According to the Universe's plan or wherever they fit? :)

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