Artsakh-My Homeland-Armenian Sparta

38 days ago I woke up from an SMS sound on my phone. One message from my sister, another from my mother, both saying the same thing: "We were attacked. The war has started. Don't worry. We are OK." Since then my life has been divided into "Before" and "After". For 38 days I am only physically in Cyprus, my mind, my soul, my heart are in Armenia, in Artsakh.

From the 1st day, the Azerbaijanian army started shelling the capital of Artsakh, my hometown Stepanakert and its residents. I know that non-Armenians will read this as well. I know that you get a lot of misleading information from the news. You keep hearing that it is a conflict, that Armenia started this war...please, stop believing these delusional statements and make your own research. Just look at the map, look at the size of Artsakh and Armenia, compare it to Azerbaijan and Turkey.

Some of you might ask: "This is a blog of a jewellery store. Why do you write about a war?" This jewellery, the designers that create it, Armenians exist because Turkey failed in 1915. This war is an attempt to commit ethnic cleansing, get rid of Armenians, repeat the genocide of 1915. I must talk about this, you must talk about this, the whole world MUST talk about this.

I grew up in Stepanakert. I was 5 years old when the first war started in 1991. Over 30 000 people died back then from both sides. I lost my aunt, who volunteered and was killed when she was only 19 years old. I remember the day my dad came home and when I ran to hug him, he almost had to push me away. He was wounded. I remember the rocket hitting our shelter, screams, crowds of people running towards the entrance, myself gasping for air, someone's arms picking me up and holding until we were out. I remember mum and dad going somewhere all the time, coming back with 3 pieces of white chocolate for me and my sister...Apparently, that was chocolate they received at the hospital after donating blood.

In 1990s Artsakh had to defend its right to live freely and it did. We never wanted a war back then, we didn't want it now. Today my parents along with many others are in Artsakh. For more than a month they have been staying in shelters, for more than a month they are awakened with shelling, they go to "sleep" with an "Azeri rockets' lullaby". And if a day goes by without the shelling they consider it strange...I don't even want to think about the consequences of this. I know that my parents will never be the same.

People in Artsakh want peace. They simply want to have a right to live freely at their homes. Today Azerbaijan with the help of Turkey and jihadists try to kill my people, force my parents out of their homes not by fighting but by shelling homes, churches, schools, hospitals, beheading people in villages....using all kinds of banned weapons on civilians. International organizations are silently watching war crimes happening in front of their eyes. They should know that their silence killed and keeps killing thousands of innocent people. Armenia is fighting terrorists...the same ones who are killing people in Europe today.

We won't allow the 2nd Armenian genocide. This is our last war and we will win. We will rebuild our cities and villages, we will give birth to more Armenians who will live in PEACE in Artsakh, in Armenian Sparta.

Don't stay silent. Spread a word. Let the world know what's happening in Artsakh.


P.S. IDenteco usually donates 10% of profits to the fund MIASIN helping low-income families in Artsakh. While the current stock lasts, 100% of the profit is donated to help people who stayed in Artsakh.

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