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Silver has a stunning effect upon human organism

Updated: May 26

Silver was popular from ancient times. It was used not only for jewellery but also as a material for weapons, home items, etc. People believed that eating with silver spoons is healthier than using the ones made of steel or other metals. They used to keep silver in water to purify it. Representatives of Armenian aristocracy had been wearing silver at all times, and girls always had it as a part of their dowry.

According to many sources, silver has a positive effect on human health. This metal is considered to be a symbol of purity. Silver is known for its healing characteristics. Pain relief, immunity boost, anti-inflammatory effect - these are just some of claimed features of silver. Some scientific studies concluded that wearing silver rings decreases symptoms of arthritis.

Besides, it is said that silver jewellery reduces tiredness and stress, brings luck. People, who suffer from frequent headaches should give preference to silver jewelry. The healing characteristics of silver are in dispute until now. I personally can judge only based on my own experience. I wear silver rings constantly, even in my sleep.

It is hard to say whether they have any effect on my organism or not, but I sleep well and landed safely during my skydiving jump (this goes for silver rings bringing luck) :).

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