In the world of ethnic ceramic jewelry

I personally adore hand-painted ceramic jewelry. So much warmth, dedication, a history of hundreds of generations reflected in it! It might not be important now who was the one that discovered ceramics and noticed that small piece of clay getting burnt by the fire, but thanks to that person ceramics entered our life and besides amazing crockery we can enjoy colorful and stylish ceramic jewelry items.

Armenia is a country, where ceramic art is very popular. It would be almost impossible to return from your Armenian trip without buying a pair of earrings or a pendant with ethnic ornaments made of this material.,Each item seem to reflect the ancient roots, traditions and character of the Armenian people.

I believe one of the reasons that I cherish my ceramic jewelry more is the fact that it can break so easily. So, make sure you store your jewelry properly because it would be a pity to see a result of long hours' dedicated work of an artist to be destroyed within a moment.

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