Flower jewellery collection at IDenteco store

Those of you who follow our store, have noticed that recently we added to the store products handmade flower jewellery featuring natural flowers. This idea came up when I was visiting Armenia and purchased by chance a pair of dark blue earrings with a yellow flower inside. I liked the detail-oriented work and the style of those earrings. After returning to Cyprus, I have decided to contact the designer since I wanted to see that jewellery in IDenteco store, let more people know about Armenian talented designers-jewellers.

This is how we started cooperation with Lusine Harutyunyan. I personally love her works and not only because they are unique, designed with a great taste and constantly remind of Spring, beautiful life and happiness, but also they introduce Armenian handmade artwork from a different side. These pieces of Armenian jewellery are classy and elegant, they differ from commonly known ethnic traditional jewellery of Armenian designers.

Handmade blue earrings with a white flower

Above you see one of her works: handmade earrings with blue enamel and white flower. Besides, being pretty, the earrings also change their colour under the sun. Being dark blue inside the building, they turn into a shiny blue under the sun. This way you spend 20 Euro by buying one pair of earrings from IDenteco store, while in reality you get two :).

Another great piece of Lusine's work is this pendant, which costs only 14 Euro and available in our store. The materials used for creating this jewellery varies from copper, brass to sterling silver. Please, pay attention at the description of the products, where we always mention the material they are made from. If not sure, please feel free to contact us.

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IDenteco team

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