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5 rules to consider while combining jewelry

Nowadays there are so many choices of jewelry. Very often we just want to buy them all. However, it is really important to learn to combine jewelry properly if you want to look elegant and stylish.

Rule No 1: Know your limits

Don't wear all jewelry items at the same time, especially if you have big pendants, earrings or

rings. For example, this ring from IDenteco store better to put on without any other jewelry. It is going to attract attention due to its size and elegance. If you wear earrings, pendant and a ring simultaneously there is a big risk you will look like a Christmas tree.

Rule No 2: Be careful with beads

Large beads can easily turn a young girl into a grown woman. It is a matter of taste, but better pay attention before you make a decision. If you prefer pearls, bear in mind that it will be the best to wear them solo without any other jewelry. Pearls are classic, they don't need anything else to make a statement.

Rule No 3: Combine right jewelry items

Easy to combine small earrings, rings, and pendants. It is very hard to make mistake with them. When it comes to the large sizes, especially when your jewelry has geometric shapes, be very careful. They don't suit everyone and definitely require a particular style.

Rule No 4: Don't be afraid to wear silver with gold

In the past stylists wouldn't recommend combining silver and gold. At one point famous jewelry brands started producing items containing both metals. Don't be afraid to mix but do it with a taste. Preferably use the rings of a similar style while wearing silver and gold jewelry items. Avoid wearing two necklaces Stick to minimalism.

Rule No 5: Jewelry should complete your image, not contradict to it

If you are going to the office wearing a classic suit avoid wearing playful accessories in a shape of stars and hearts. You still can add some color to your image by using, for example, a big necklace of one color and combine it with shoes. In any case, always think that jewelry needs to complete your outfit not to ruin it.


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