Our summer holiday in Armenia

Hi everyone! 

        We hope you are enjoying your summer the way we do. In this post we want to share with you a little bit of our summer holiday trip to Armenia. All of you know that the jewelry from IDenteco store is being handcrafted in Armenia, but how much do you know about Armenia? IDenteco's goal is not only to introduce you the unique style of Armenian jewelry but also get you familiar with this beautiful country. 

       Armenia was the first country in the world to adopt Christianity as its state religion (in 301 A.D.) Therefore, there are plenty of churches, monasteries built in Armenia.

This time we have visited one of such monasteries called Goshavank (12th-13th century).

The monastery is not a functioning religious complex, although it remains a popular tourist destination and has recently undergone some light restoration. These restorations are being financed by an Islamic individual from the United Arab Emirates.


On the picture below you can see the Sundial carved on one of the walls of Goshavank monastery. A similar sundial was an inspiration for our ring  https://www.identecojewellery.com/product-page/silver-ring-sundial

Sundial at Goshavank

 Another monastery we visited was Haghartsin monastery, which was built between 10th and 14th centuries.

The monastery of Haghartsin, together with that of Goshavank, may become part of a natural site based on the state protected area of Dilijan National Park, an important forest in north-eastern Armenia.

Haghartsin monastery

Summer in Armenia is quite hot and since Armenia doesn't have any seas, people often spend their days at the lakes of Armenia. Below there are pictures of Sevan, which is the largest lake in Armenia and lake "Parz" in Dilijan.

Sevan lake

Lake "Parz"

 A few days of our trip we spent in Artsakh and breathtaking nature. One of the symbols of Artsakh is a monument of an elderly couple called "We and our mountains" or Tatik-Papik (grandmother and grandfather). You have probably seen it already as it was reflected by our pendant (https://www.identecojewellery.com/product-page/tatik-papik). 

We and our mountains (Tatik-Papik)

And of course we visited a capital of Armenia-Yerevan, where   IDenteco items are handcrafted..

 We came back with unforgettable memories and new unique handcrafted silver jewelry for you :)

Stay tuned!