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Armenian sundial: inspiration for our ring

Sundial 7th Century, Zvartnots, Armenia

Hello, unique people :)

Today's blog post is about the object that became an inspiration for our "Sundial" silver ring.

Sundials-are ancient devices humanity used for identifying the time.

In 301 when Armenia adopted Christianity, many sundials along with pagan temples were destroyed, but in the medieval Armenia the sundials got popularity again.

Sundials can be seen on many Armenian monasteries and churches (Zvartnots, Goshavank, Makaravank, etc.). You can see them also on the door of Matenadaran-a repository of ancient manuscripts, research institute and museum in Yerevan, Armenia.

One of the most famous sundials is located in Zvartnots (7th century). Each Armenian letter in the lower half of dial represents an hour from one to twelve.

Inspired by Armenian Sundials, our talented masters came up with this unique double ring made of silver and synthetic carnelian. It is one of my favorite pieces in our collection.

"Sundial" ring from IDenteco store

The last piece is still available in our shop. This symbol of the infinite flow of life can become yours ;)

Stay safe xx

IDenteco team

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